Doing a tutorial analysis on cryptocurrencies and cryptomining, so can be actually grateful if somebody may present me with solutions to the next questions:
How do crypto transactions happen? Is a transaction solely acknowledged and verified as soon as? What if I commerce back-and-forth with somebody?
Sensitivity evaluation: how do miners react to transaction quantity fluctuations? Sure, problem decreases as transaction quantity decreases, however what if transaction quantity decreases considerably?
2) What are the transaction charges? Are they solely incurred when transactions happen in an trade place? In Bitcoin’s case, what if we trade in “bitcoin pockets”?
three) How does the transaction quantity affect the mining income? How a lot does the transaction quantity must lower for mining to not be worthwhile/enticing?
four) What number of BTC or different cryptos per block? A miner provides 1 bitcoin however what number of bitcoins in a single block earlier than reward shared?
5) In the end, what do miners actually care about?
6) “If the block could be very giant, the large miners, these with the very best computing energy, will embody all transactions in a big block and insert it into the blockchain.”
BUT how will you be a giant miner? Is not your likelihood of getting a reward equal with every machine?

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