I’m working a Bitcoin Money node on my server, and beginning it like this:

begin bitcoind.exe --server=1 --rpcuser=consumer --rpcpassword=password --rest=1 --rpcport=8332 --datadir=F:Bitcoin --bind=10.1.zero.four --testnet=1 --rpcallowip=zero.zero.zero.zero/zero

The node runs, and I can hook up with it domestically.

Nonetheless, I am unable to hook up with it remotely, from my C# utility, utilizing the BitcoinLib library:

ICoinService coinService = new BitcoinService(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Bitcoin_DaemonUrl"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Bitcoin_RpcUsername"],
ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Bitcoin_RpcPassword"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["WalletPassword"]);

I get this error:

BitcoinLib: There was an issue sending the request to the pockets.
System: Unable to hook up with the distant server.

I’ve created inbound/outbound guidelines within the server’s firewall settings, permitting entry to the 8332 port, and I feel that --rpcallowip=zero.zero.zero.zero/zero ought to permit all IPs to hook up with my node… So I actually do not know what the issue is.

Edit: I am unable to entry the node from https://bitnodes.earn.com/ both.

Replace: the node has completed reindexing blocks, and I nonetheless cannot hook up with it remotely.

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